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Gathering links for my own reference. Will be updated when I find more.

what pink elephant?:
National Geographic report on the the Louisiana bayous
Sidney Blumenthal - no one can say they didn't see it coming
on the southeast Louisiana urban flood control project
President Bush planned on dismantling FEMA altogether

nero and his lyre:
images by Vincent Laforet, a NYT photographer (check out the ones at the airport)
Mayor Nagin interview
Red Cross ordered by the department of homeland security not to enter New Orleans (commentary)
offer of help from Australian government also refused by current admin (scroll down to about the seventh comment)
Times-Picayune open letter to president
the head FEMA duck's background
the city of Louisiana
newsweek - how bush blew it

suppose the leashes weren't tight enough:
CNN report - the disconnect in New Orleans
rebellion of the talking heads

reality check:
being poor
six days and counting, and there are still people trapped
a third world country managed to evacuate 600,000 people before a typhoon
living paycheck to paycheck
people would rather look stubborn and angry than helpless and trapped
because this is about leadership
newsweek - the other america

on the ground:
we've been abandoned by our own country
denise moore's story
you could drive right in
Bradshaw & Slonsky's stories

but the show must go on!:
no work being done - just another photo-op for the president
German TV report of Bush's visit: it was all staged
plan z: shift all blame to local and state governments (rebuttal)
TPM: pick apart the White House's buck-passing, part I

charities to donate to and charities to avoid
Katrina relief community
Katrina help wiki

politics after hurricane Katrina
myths about America (and the accompanying comments)
Bush's credibility, or rather lack of it
newsweek - why cheap gas is a bad habit

daily kos
talking points memo
war and piece
making light
crooks and liars
body and soul
respectful of otters
the daily howler
interdictor (live from new orleans)
crooked timber
andrew sullivan

lj links:
nowhere to go
the consequences of policies
on ignorance and stupidity
about class and race
thinking outside the box
because bush doesn't care
more extreme than just negligence
in perspective
disjointed thoughts on the socioeconomics of disaster

news links post from jmhm
lj links post from angry_biscuit
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